Games in that likes to play our brain

Games in that likes to play our brain

1. I would feel happier, if I worked less than

A human brain uses this argument often, speaking to us that we would be far more happy, if we were not necessary to work. However, idleness and permissive way of life are the inalienable constituents of depression and boredom. A man is created in an order to work and креативно think. Persons in an order to become happy, it is vitally necessary to decide the put tasks and arrive at the set aims. And it costs only to inlay all of itself in that business that is liked, then will not have time to look around, as will feel incredibly happy.

2. They are guilty in all my problems

A mind frequently tries to convince us of that reason of our problems and hoodoos is in other people, it is not important speech goes about parents, partners, married couples, friends, acquaintances et cetera. Thus, a man is always ready it easily to accuse surroundings of the misses, he does it it is also simple, as a child that throws about the toys. Undoubtedly, both we translate guilt and responsibility on other people and become those on that guilt of other persons is translated. It costs to understand that as soon as a man takes responsibility on it to the eyelid, so at once he assists gobbing of foundation for the happiness.

3. That I became happy, must reveal secret me happiness

And all secret consists in that no secret quite not exists in the achievement of happiness or success. Thus, how many would not try to convince us of reverse clever books, different authors, our own mind, no secret keys to the doors in happy life are not. We in the imagination form the picture of the future, then build plans how to come to what we want, and later with zeal and persistence work on realization planned. Naturally, short ways on this road are not and be not. An acceptance and understanding of this simple truth will allow to you far farther to move up on the way happiness.

4. Here if I owned.

A human brain often tries to carry to the possessor, that if he worked at other work, lived in other house or would ride on other machine, then he would feel far happier. It costs to notice, that in the will to have the best things or appear there is nothing bad in more favourable circumstances, however, it is important to understand that even if man and gets all of it, this fact is not the automatic guarantee of happiness. A maximal effect from such things is cheering up on the short interval of time, but passes all quickly. Only that, who understands that the amount of human desires is boundless, and all of them never it will be impossible to satisfy, able to attain veritable happiness that goes from within.

5. I love that I have now and I need no changes

When a man affords to think similarly, he creates a strong base for motion back. But our life is a road and trip that is accompanied by permanent changes. Some of changes is under our control, and something pose by him. Trying to take under control that all, that takes place or actively offering resistance to the changes, a man is doomed to the failure. It costs us to understand it and purchase ability to float in the endless stream of changes, because ability quickly to adapt oneself, is the important constituent of happiness.

6. No-no, I want today

People often afford to fall in despair and disappointed in the produced work, being only in a few steps from success. However, it is important to remember, that for happiness very important persistence, that is why it does not cost to indulge to the mind that tries to deceive you with the aim of confession of the defeat. Nobody knows in fact, that will bring a morrow us, as just one day can be needed in order that your dream became reality.

7. When it will exactly know me, what I want, only I will make decision then

A man very quickly gets in a stalemate, if she thinks too long. Undoubtedly, such factors, as an analysis of risks, possibilities et cetera are very important constituents, nothing will take place until concrete actions are absent and necessary decisions are not accepted while. We very much rarely have in an order a complete volume of information on a necessary decision, but it is necessary simply to leave off to doubt, in fact a failure is a yet not end all. Therefore it does not cost to allow to the brain totally to analyse everything absolutely.

8. I understand perfectly, that it does not cost to do it, but.

Our brain again tries to lead around us round a finger, not accepting a result from the action of pernicious habits. Especially it touches a health directly. Do I understand that it follows me to leave off smoking, but smoking helps me to get rid from superfluous kilograms or I understand that is not needed to eat it, but if it is impossible to a full degree to enjoy life, then for what in general a man lives then?. Undoubtedly, a presence of problems with a health is a direct call to happiness, that is why do not allow to the mind to think of different self-justifications, and leave off to be lenient to your weaknesses.

9. Dreams become reality only in those, who drives

A human brain is a yarn to the possessor that he only doll in the hands of fate. It, undoubtedly, pushes on an idea that one time so, then nothing positive on such conditions with him it will happen it does not can. In turn, then that our brain considers везінням, that takes place with other people, is nothing other, as by the result of long, to nobody not visible work. It costs simply to believe in the dream by all interior, and you will not get tired to be surprised, watching that, how often on the way of achievement of the dream you success will expect.