How to prepare fish with vegetables?

How to prepare fish with vegetables?

A doctor planted here junior on a diet. Pisces, they say, anymore їжте. On the face of it, all not so terrible. Already что-что, and fish we, карельци, love. One difficulty — milk to her it is impossible. And all my usual and repeatedly approved recipes of dishes with a pike perch remain out of employment.

Fish is good it. But she has one defect. Lean she. And if pike perch so, without what sauce(creamy or sour cream) to prepare, dryish he, as in my opinion, goes out. Here I was baffled: what to find such, that and a pike perch juicy was, and to the sauce no was needed here.

On my happiness, there was such. Припущенний pike perch with the fried vegetables. I, slyly not philosophizing, and prepared him. Thus a pike perch I had not the least. Kilogram on one and a half. And, that did you think?! While I expected junior, chief quiet сапою took, and all сотейник kneaded. No, so usually, not all. But here. Well, if it remained on one portion.

On the whole, it was in a shop to hurry. And there is one trout. So that for me and a choice special was not. Trout, so trout! But now with a confidence can say: this dish is delicious with any fish!

Thus, fish with vegetables.

On fish, does hope, all all already clear? Who loves that. With a trifle — it is better to be not fooled. It is desirable anything is large is a pike perch, trout, burbot, сазан. Naturally, fish must be fresh. Extreme case — chilled.

Fish my, delete branchiaes. And together with them and entrails. Dissociate a chairman from a carcass. Last from a back on a backbone and costal bones розвалюємо on two halves. That free of backbone and ribs, cut off on a belly. From the second — separate a backbone, with all to the flippers, in т. ч. and tail, and costal bones. Lay both halves of filet a skin downward on a finishing table and with each of them cut away a la carte pieces.

Choosing the exemplary size of piece, under the corner of 40 ? do 60 degrees continuous рез across all half. As than comes to the skin on the inside, return him in parallel to the finishing surface, accordingly, and to the skin, and dissociate our a la carte piece from her.

First, second, third piece. On a result the fish filet treated on portion must go out for us, and separately are two pieces of skin with a scale. I so always do, when fish is large. Less than time on treatment and all goes out far cleaner. And a skin with a scale, backbone, flippers and chairman, can be used on юшку.

With fish understood. The turn of vegetables suited and. mushrooms. Так-так, except the pair of garden-stuffs of the sweet Bulgarian pepper, two tomatoes and the same amount of small or one middle vegetable marrow, we may need five-six fresh champignons.

Vegetables and mushrooms my. Розвалюємо peppers повдоль on four parts, in each of them delete a peduncle and seed and already across cut 5 slices on 4 ?. At vegetable marrows delete a knife not a "tail" and "spout" need to us, but actually a fruit is divisible on four identical segments on all his length. And already cut them across, so, that a width of that shared on many brothers-twins and, was a that segment that sharply diminished in sizes centimetre two. Plus-minus.

In overhead part each of tomatoes do cruciform incision and обшпарюємо them boiling water. Take off a skin from garden-stuffs, whereupon each bisects of them. From halves that went out as a result, delete part that fit closely to the peduncle, and розвалюємо them on 5 ? 6 particles. Cut the mushrooms of повдоль on 6 ? 8 parts.

All, the preparatory stage with vegetables is passed. Time came to fry them. For this purpose take сотейник. Deep! The last is important, as vegetables for us not so small. A plus on the finishing stage to them will be added fish. And yet. A pike perch we will assume, т. е. to cook in the that small amount of liquid, that at жарінні will be given to us by vegetables and mushrooms. And category of depth for her — one of important descriptions.

On the whole, take сотейник. Put him on a flag, expect a bit, while he розжариться, and pour a seed-oil(in my case — olive). Give Pair-three of minutes to him, that it was warmed up to the necessary to us temperature, and pour out a pepper in сотейник. Stirring, fry him 2 ? 3 minutes.

And farther, in turn, consistently do the same with vegetable marrows, mushrooms, tomatoes. Add a duty compounding component, stirring, fry him 2 ? 3 minutes, fall asleep in сотейник following.

Since fried fresh tomatoes, expose the jar of 350-грама of black olives without stones, pour out a brine and all her content send in сотейник. And farther. Does not violate traditions of this dish! 2 ? fry 3 minutes. While this standard time did not escape — open already the jar of tomatoes in own juice. Reach from her 5 ? 6 garden-stuffs, cut them on approximately the same amount of parts(plus-minus) and.

Probably, clear? Correctly! Send in сотейник. That again! The same 2 ? 3 minutes. And thereon with vegetables-mushrooms — all. Time of fish came.

Mortgage her in сотейник, присолюємо, give up from ten of peas of black pepper, mix. Expect pair-three of minutes, присолюємо again, mix. Does give to fish and vegetables on a reflection yet of minute of 3?4: you there, in сотейнику, how, did not yet get tired from a fire and heat? — and as soon as they amicably заголосять to the "tiredness, got" tired! — cover сотейник a lid and reduce a fire. And through минуту-другую turn off a flag finally and beyond retrieve.

In principle, all. Fish and vegetables can be laid out on piattis. But if they yet minutes of 10 ? 15 will stand on a flag, believe — it will not be worse!